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The McDonald Theatre is a historic landmark of this community and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Opening in 1925, it served as a community theatre for both stage and screen performances.

After the explosion of motion pictures, the theatre was converted into a movie house and operated as such until 2000.

The McDonald Theatre has played a significant role in the Kesey’s family history. Spanning back to the 1950’s, Mr. Kesey’s company offered free admission to Saturday morning cartoons at the McDonald Theatre, while his young sons performed magic tricks at intermission. The theatre then went on to be a place where the following generation of Keseys enjoying many family movies together.  The history continued in 2001, when Kesey Enterprises began producing concerts and community events in the venue. Finally in 2009, Kesey Enterprises purchased the historic building and today is proud to maintain it as a piece of positive revitalization in downtown Eugene.

The Theatre is host to a diverse spectrum of events, from mainstream reggae, to a private weddings, to high school proms, and local children’s stage performances. Non-profit organizations are encouraged to take advantage of this beautifully maintained historic landmark for events, celebrations, lectures, and fundraisers.

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