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McDonald Theatre House Rules
-           All sales are final
-           Guests 2 years and younger are welcome free of charge
-           All carry-in items are subject to inspection
-           No smoking except in designated areas outside. This includes e-cigarettes

The following items are not allowed in the venue
-           Drugs
-           Outside food and drinks
-           Weapons of any kind
-           Cameras, video or other recording devices
-           Pets
-           Laser pointers
-           Skateboards or in-line skates
-           Selfie sticks
-           Monopods or Tripods
-           Gum (opened / unopened packages or in use)
-           Strollers or Wagons

The following activities are prohibited and will lead to eviction from the venue
-           Possession or use of illegal drugs
-           Fighting or use of a weapon
-           Public indecency / public urination
-           Drinking alcohol under the legal age of 21
-           Furnishing minors with alcohol

We reserve the right to deny entry or ask visitors to leave at any time.

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