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McDonald Theatre shows are generally all ages, general admissions shows. However, there are occasions when an event is set up differently. Specific seating information will always be available on the website next to the specific event page.

Reserved Shows
Balcony: reserved seated, all ages
Floor: reserved seated, all ages

General Admission Shows:
Balcony: seated*, over 21 only, Sky Bar available
Floor: dance hall configuration, limited seats* at back of hall

Movie Seating:
Balcony: general admission seated, all ages unless otherwise noted on event page
Floor: general admission seated*, all ages
* seats are on a first come, first served basis


Theatre doors generally open one hour prior to the announced time of each performance. The McDonald Theatre reserves the right to refuse admission or remove from the facility individuals that are disruptive to the performers or audience members.

Because most but not all concerts will feature an opening band, please plan on entering the Theatre soon after doors open. Times may be subject to change.


Both the main floor and the balcony are wheelchair accessible. If you need special accommodations, please call (541) 345-4442.


The McDonald Theatre is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is permitted directly outside of The Lounge.

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